Artist Biography

Jessie Edelstein is a visual artist from Long Island, New York currently based in LA. Her work focuses on the themes of technology, autonomy, and queer identity. Her face paint looks serve as the foundation of her body of work. Augmenting herself with face paint allows her to show the world what’s always there but isn’t always visible on the outside. She envisions a future where advanced technology could allow humans to customize themselves digitally. Together, her looks create a catalogue of different custom faces that one day could become a reality.

Her first major project was her drag persona “Virgo Couture.” Inspired by early 2000’s icons like Paris Hilton, robotic AI, pop culture, and the Internet, she started dressing up and performing under this persona in 2018 and retired the character as of late 2020. This decision was brought about due to the fact that she wanted to take ownership of her art and self expression and no longer stay hidden behind a persona.

She is currently working on a project called Jessie.Mp3, which combines experimental electronic/pop music, visuals, and lip sync performance. This project focuses on the artist’s experience with the Internet and social media as well as previous themes of identity, autonomy, and AI.

Jessie graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Visual Art. Her artwork has been featured in a variety of exhibitions in the Hudson Valley, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Her makeup work can be seen in music videos and in publications such as Milk and Checkout Magazine.